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A warm welcome!

At Hartbeespoort High School we are passionate about our learners and we strive to equip them optimally for the future.

Hoërskool Hartbeespoort is ’n multikulturele openbare skool. Tans het die skool 877 leerders waarvan 60% Afrikaanssprekend is en 40% Engelssprekend.

It is a dual medium school with Gr. 8 and 9 classes parallel in Afrikaans or English. Gr. 10-12 classes are combined – Afrikaans and English on a 50/50 basis regarding the language of learning and teaching. Learning material and exam papers are provided according to learners’ choice of language (Afr/Eng).

TOP 10

Graad 8 | Grade 8

1. Vansh Sood 2. Megan McManus 3. Yodonne Ferreira 4. Charl Avenant 5. Mienke Janse van Rensburg 6. Nizaar Vally 7. Bianca Smith 8. Muaawiya Tayob  9. Desire Nortje 10. Marcelle Schindehutte                            

Graad 9 | Grade 9

1. Eloise Shelley  2. Elli Theron  3. Chrisilda Botha  4. Henko van der Merwe  5. Stefan van der Colff  6. Charissa Cronje  7. Tatenda Maduku  8. Maya Tigelaar  9. Catherine Schoeman  10. Cherelda Wentzel                        


Graad 10 | Grade 10

1. Kayla Bisschoff  2. Kyle Heynike  3. Martie Diederiks  4. Amiel Rothman  5. Eckard Jones  6. Meghan Calogero   7. Jessica-Ann Helm 8. Aamena Cassim, Refilwe Mathibedi and Bonolo Morabe

Graad 11 | Grade 11

 1. Lukas Schoeman  2. Zenelle Hayes  3. Zanté Bester  4. Dehanke van Rensburg  5. Chané de Bruin  6. Kalinka Kriek  7. Stewart Coetzee  8. Dirko Calitz  9. Chanté Erasmus  10. Nastasha van der Sandt        

Graad 12 | Grade 12

1. Ané Janse van Rensburg  2. Daniel Hurter  3. Johané Le Roux  4. Carmen Strauss  5. Izak Stander  6. Sabrina Steyn  7. Zander Bisschoff  8. Lana Smit  9. Yulaine Hendriks  10. Annecke Botha


You are

I dedicate this to each and every one of you that sit before me and to those that came before you…
The grade 8 that was a mere ant
The grade 9 that’s constantly asking why
The grade 10 that thinks it was better then
The grade 11 that knows it was better back then
The grade 12 whose true journey only just began
The teacher who dedicates every fibre of their being so that you can be!

You are not average nor are you mediocre
You are fearfully and wonderfully made
You are what remains when all hope is gone
You are the beat to every song
You are more than just young, dumb and broke!
Jy is die geloof wat alles moontlik maak
Jy is die hoop wat alles laat werk
Jy is die liefde wat alles bymekaar hou

By Boikanyo Nkolobe ,
 Teacher, Hartbeespoort High School


Our highest priority


A healthy body hosts a healthy mind


Sonder kultuur is ons identiteitsloos!